6 Best Sewing Machines

If you are actively looking for a sewing machine, you should know how difficult it is to find a modern model that meets all the necessary standards. To choose the right option, before buying, you must first work on the typewriter, which is not so easy to do. It can be a bit difficult to figure out the possibilities of a technique without first using it, especially if you don’t know all the ins and outs. Luckily for you, we have prepared an overview of everything that a decent sewing machine should be able to do. I suggest you dig deep and research the best deals on the market to make your choice easier. Here are the six best sewing machines you can buy right now.

1- Brother SE1900 Sewing Machine

Best Sewing Machine

With the Brother SE1900 Computerized Sewing/Embroidery Machine, you get the best of both worlds – sewing and embroidery. It’s feature-packed and easy to use and works great with most modern-day tasks. Thanks to the large LCD touch screen, you can review and edit your designs before stitching, eliminating even the smallest mistakes from your designs. Its large embroidery area ensures you can create large designs with ease, while at least 240 built-in sewing stitches including frame shapes, fonts and more ensure you are always in complete control of your embroidery tasks.

2- Singer Legacy SE300

6 Best Sewing Machines

You really can’t go wrong with Singer when it comes to top-tier sewing machines, and the SINGER Legacy SE300 is a prime example of just how much their products have evolved. This machine comes with an automatic cutter and has the Swift Smart feature for fast, easy, and automatic threading. The machine not only offers embroidery functions but is also great for quilting, sewing and stitching. In addition, the product comes with a free embroidery hoop to help you set up every task. In fact, the machine has 215 built-in designs and sewing stitches, so you’ll always have something new to choose from.

3- Brother PE535 Sewing Machine

Best Sewing Machine for Home Use

Another Brother brand sewing machine, the Brother PE535 is recognized as one of the best in the industry. Known for its affordability and reliability. The machine has a long list of valuable embroidery features and is suitable for beginners and experts alike. It has 80 pre-saved designs as well as borders and fonts. You can use the built-in memory on the machine to store all your designs via the USB port. The machine is also equipped with a Sew Smart LCD touch screen. It allows you to preview and edit your designs before you can stitch them.

4- Singer Quantum Stylist 9960

Singer Quantum 9960

The Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Computerized Portable Sewing Machine is one of the best on this list. The Singer is one of the biggest sewing machine brands in the world. The Quantum Stylist 9960 portable sewing machine definitely shows its excellence. It allows you to choose from a large selection of stitches for crafting, fashion sewing, home decor, and quilting. Forget the hassle of threading a needle as this machine comes with an automatic needle threader. It completes the process in seconds. Interestingly, the machine has a total of 600 built-in stitches – from alphanumeric fonts to mirroring and everything else. If you want speed, then this machine is the best option for you as it does at least 850 stitches per minute.

5- Brother SE600

Brother SE600

The Brother SE600 sewing machine is an impressive model that offers more ways to diversify your work. This computerized machine comes with a large embroidery area, which increases the efficiency you would normally expect from such a machine. It also comes with a hoop, foot control, and embroidery. With a touch screen on the machine, you can edit your designs and preview them before flashing. Interestingly, you can also store up to 103 embroidery patterns in the machine’s built-in memory, and the USB port can be used to store more data if needed.

6- Singer 7258

Best Sewing Machine for Home

Few machines can compete with the SINGER 7258 when it comes to ease of use and practicality. For beginners, this ingenious machine has a large embroidery field that makes it easy to embroider large designs. It also has built-in memory that helps you store designs, fonts, embroidery patterns, and more. In addition, the machine is also equipped with a large LCD touch screen, which allows you to customize the embroidery, as well as make changes to patterns before work. It’s worth noting that the automatic needle threading feature saves you from having to find the eye of the needle when you need it, a pretty useful feature.

Sewing Machine Selection Guide

Those of you who don’t have much experience buying sewing and embroidery machines may find the terminology a bit confusing. Sewing machines are not at all easy to buy because of how many different things there are to consider when buying them. The main thing to do here is to consider the cost and capabilities of the machine. After that, you need to check the embroidery field and hoop dimensions, design library, connectivity, and display quality if the machine has one. Apart from this, you can also see if it is an embroidery machine, or built as a combination machine with additional features.

Embroidery Area and Hoop Size

From the very beginning, you need to check and see what kind of embroidery field the machine has and whether the hoop sizes can work to your advantage. We say this because some standard embroidery machines are limited to fairly small areas, while high-end models can have embroidery margins of up to four inches or more. As for different hoop sizes, keep in mind that a machine with different hoop sizes allows you to customize your embroidery projects to an impressive standard. In fact, some of these machines even have separate hoop shapes that you can buy separately and then install yourself.

Design Options for Embroidery

Another thing you should consider is whether the machine has multiple embroidery libraries and designs. With the right templates, you can customize your projects to the smallest detail. Versatility is what you should always look for if possible. At this point, it must be said that modern embroidery machines allow you to load additional designs and then add them to the machine’s memory. For this purpose, some of these machines are equipped with USB ports, or any other auxiliary ports you may use.

Sewing Machine Display

As you already know, some of the more modern embroidery machines have built-in displays. Depending on the price, you can get a simplified display that shows only the basic functions of the machine, or a more advanced model with colorful patterns for maximum information. Depending on your general skills, you may be more comfortable with the more detailed display, or the simpler version for simplified embroidery designs. In any case, keep in mind that the more advanced the display, the more expensive the device.

Embroidery Only, Or Combo

You should know that many popular machines are not only sewing but rather a combination of sewing and embroidery. Some users prefer sewing-only machines, while others buy combos. For example, more advanced users prefer to have multiple machines with different features rather than changing features on the same device, mainly because combo machines are a bit more difficult to operate. On the other hand, others prefer combos because of the extra free space. In any case, you should seriously consider using a multi-needle machine because of the increased versatility.

Useful Functions of The Sewing Machine

  • One thing to look for in a good sewing machine is a thread trimming feature. This is because it can be quite difficult for you to trim the threads one by one, no matter how much time you have. For the most part, machines with thread trimming features are not all that expensive.
  • Automatic thread tension. If possible, look for machines with automatic thread tension functions. A machine with a built-in automatic thread tension function is less likely to break the thread due to incorrect thread tension. No matter how experienced you are, there is always a chance that you can figure out the tension at some point.
  • Curved Fonts – This feature is designed to help you curve letters when doing an embroidery project that includes some text. Curved fonts give you the ability to bend lettering and create more complex monogram designs. This is a great aesthetic tool to have on hand, especially if you’re pretty good at embroidery.
  • Embellishment options – Likewise, you want to be able to use sequins and beading if you so desire. This can be quite tricky to do by hand with a machine that doesn’t have decorating features. Interestingly, some sewing machines offer separate attachments that you can install for embellishment.
  • Variable Speed ​​- Be aware that some of these machines have variable speed control features designed to help you. You can choose the speed for different types of projects. With such machines, you can start slowly and then gradually increase your speed as you move forward.

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