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Who are we? Contact was created to help you with embroidery. On Embroidery Mach website you can find a lot of information about embroidery such as embroidery machine reviews, sewing machine reviews and lots of embroidery tips.

You may be doing embroidery and sewing as a hobby or it may be your job, but why not do it in the best way? With the advancement of technology, machines come out that allow you to make products that you cannot even dream of at home. We offer you a lot of content for those who want to make the most of these advantages of technology, who always want to improve themselves, or for beginners.

What Contents Do We Offer for Beginners?

Beginners in sewing and embroidery firstly question what to do and how to do it. On our site, you can find many embroidery suggestions, sewing suggestions, and articles on how to do them. What you can do to get started easily. The most important part is how do you choose the embroidery machine that suits you best? To help you out, we’ve rounded up the best embroidery machines for beginners.

What Contents Do We Offer for Intermediate and Professionals?

If you are intermediate or professional in sewing or embroidery, I am sure there are many models you want to make, or you are looking for a more advanced sewing machine or embroidery machine that is suitable for you. There are many articles on this site where you can improve yourself and add innovations to the designs you make. In addition, we offer you the best sewing machine reviews, and the best embroidery machine reviews so that you can choose the most suitable machine for you. For example one of them is the 6 best sewing machines.