Sewing Machine Buying Guide

Buying a sewing machine is a large investment. So choose your sewing machine carefully. See what options different brands and models of sewing machines offer. As for prices, they also depend on the brand, model, and features. Here is the sewing machine buying guide for you.

buying a sewing machine guide

What Should You Check When Buying A Sewing Machine?

-How well does the machine handle fabrics of different thicknesses?

-You should be able to control the sewing speed with the pedal smoothly. If there is no smoothness and jerks occur, and the clutch does not work at the same point, then you need another sewing machine.

-Check if the machine vibrates when sewing at different speeds.

-Check how much noise the machine makes at different sewing speeds.

-The light from the backlight should fall directly on the work area.

-How easy do you find bobbin threading? Of course, if you are still a beginner, then this procedure may seem very complicated to you, but pay attention to it anyway. After all, there are sewing machines with vertical and horizontal bobbin loading, which depends on the shuttle type.

-Ask how to take care of the machine. The seller will show you how difficult the machine is to disassemble for subsequent cleaning.

-Please refer to the instruction manual for the sewing machine. It should be clear to you.

-You should be able to easily adjust the tension of the lower and upper threads in the sewing machine.

-See how even, smooth, beautiful, and neat zigzag seams turn out on different fabric types.

-What guarantees do the manufacturer and supplier give for the operation of their product? Find this out right away before you buy your sewing machine.

Choose The Best Sewing Machine for Yourself (Sewing Machine Buying Guide)

sewing machine buying guide
  • Buying a sewing machine is a long-term investment. For most people, it can last ten years or more.
  • Always check immediately in the store how your machine will sew fabrics of various types and thicknesses.
  • Find out all the questions you have about the sewing machine you are buying.

Determine The Budget

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  • The sewing machine will decorate your sewing room for a long time, and so that it does not stand idle, it is reasonable to immediately determine what you need from the machine.
  • Then check out the best sewing machines that can do whatever you want, nothing more, nothing less.
  • Buy the best quality sewing machine with the features you need and you won’t regret your choice.

Sewing Accessories

Even the buyer of a sewing machine needs to have an idea about the most necessary accessories for sewing machines.


You will notice that sewing machine needles come in different colors and are numbered by size. The color can indicate what kind of fabric the needle is intended for. All needles are not the same, and not all sew equally well on all fabrics and materials. When choosing a needle, the type of point, the size of the eye, or the shape of the needle can be decisive. Think again about what you will have to sew and buy the most suitable set of needles. You can also get other needles later if you need them.

Thread spools and bobbins

The principle of stitch formation in a conventional home lockstitch sewing machine is to interlace the upper thread of the spool and the lower thread of the stitch.

-The upper thread is fed from a spool, which is put on a spindle located on the top of your machine.

-The lower thread is fed from below from a small bobbin – bobbin. If the thread runs out on the bobbin, then the thread is wound onto the bobbin using a special bobbin winder device, which is found in all lockstitch sewing machines.

-As a rule, new machines have several spare bobbins.

Don’t buy too many spools of thread at once if you don’t already know what thread you will be sewing with.

Presser feet for sewing machines

With the purchase of a new sewing machine, you get a standard set of presser feet, which usually includes: a standard zigzag foot, a blind stitch foot, a zipper foot, and if the machine makes buttonholes, then a buttonhole foot. You should ask the seller right away what non-standard types of feet are suitable for the sewing machine when you are buying. If you are serious about sewing, then you may need special feet.

Sewing Machine Buying Guide Conclusion

Considering these criteria, you can choose the best sewing machine for yourself. If you’re looking to sewing machines and don’t know which sewing machine to buy, check out our review of the best sewing machines.

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